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"Adopting one child won't change the world; but for that child, the world will change!"


Brayden Heading Home (12 Hour Flight)!

Brayden and Mommy in Red Square!

Brayden and Daddy!

Brayden playing with Mommy!

"Gotcha Day" - 10/12/2009

New Family Photo - September 28, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

We Are Officially A Family Of 4!

Today it was made official....our family of 3 is now a family of 4. We arrived early at the district courthouse here in Moscow for our 10:30am court appointment. The court session lasted nearly 55 minutes with a 10 minute recess. Finally at approx 11:35am Moscow time (3:35am EDT) we heard the words we have been waiting for...."The court hereby grants the petitioners the legal adoption of Brayden Alexander Wyllie." ; however is was actually said in Russia and translated to us by our translator.

What a great day. We will be spending the day with Brayden tomorrow at the orphanage, and returning home to Massachusetts on Wednesday (Without him) to wait out the 10 day mandatory appeal process. In Russia, the official court decree is not issued until this 10 day period expires and the baby must remain in the orphanage throughout this process.

We will be returning to Moscow in 2 weeks (October 10th) to pick him up from the orphanage for the last time and to process his US citizenship here at the US embassy.

The three of us (Barry, Nancy, and Brayden) will be home for the final time on Saturday; October 17th to reunite with Ashton and to finally be a complete family of 4.

Above are the first released photos of Brayden Alexander Wyllie. Enjoy!


  1. Great news! We're very happy for you! Can't wait to meet him!

    Keith,Denise,Brandon,& Daniel

  2. Wonderful News!!
    Congrats to the whole Wyllie family!
    God bless.

    Lenny & Helen

  3. Congratulations and what a cutie!! Enjoy your time in Moscow, and have a safe trip home.

    Lisa Johnson

  4. Congratulations!! He's just beautiful!! Ashton looks so excited to finally be a big brother!! Have a safe journey home, you're all in my prayers.

  5. WOW such a hansom young man, You all look so perfect. All our best to you and your Family of 4. you are really blessed. keep you all in our thoughts and prays. Talk to you soon.
    The Pettys

  6. It opens up a lot of wounds to see those pics at the orphanage, but I'm so happy for you that they'll heal soon again.

    he's coming home on my 40th b-day so I'll be definitely thinking of you!!


  7. Grandpa & Grandma Wyllie in FloridaSeptember 28, 2009 at 11:25 PM

    Congratulations. Another handsome grandson in the Wyllie Family. Ashton looks so proud to hold his little brother. Nan & Papa, too. And.. then there were 4.... Many Blessings, Kids. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you'all. Travel mercies to MA on wed. and seeing Brayden on Tues. Great first Family photo. See you'all soon. HUGS & KISSES, Lots of Love to my Sweetheart... G & G Wyllie.

  8. Nancy, Barry, Ashton, I am so happy for you all and am so grateful for the opportunity to be included in this beautiful occasion. Brayden is adorable and Ashton looks so happy to have a baby brother. LOVE his name !!
    Hope to meet your son soon, and of course a big hug to Ashton.
    In my thoughts and prayers
    Love to All