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Brayden Heading Home (12 Hour Flight)!

Brayden and Mommy in Red Square!

Brayden and Daddy!

Brayden playing with Mommy!

"Gotcha Day" - 10/12/2009

New Family Photo - September 28, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

We are BACK in Moscow!

Today we arrived safely back in Moscow, Russia in preparation for our court date on Monday at 12:00 pm. We had a great flight over here with a short layover in London, England for breakfast. Ashton could not have been better on the 11 + hour flight. Tomorrow is a big day; we are heading out at 9:30 am for the orphanage where Ashton will see his baby brother for the first time.

For the next two days our goal is to will spend as much time as we are allowed with baby "Alexander" at the baby home. Then Monday we will attend court to finally make the adoption official. We will keep everyone posted in the coming days with stories and updated pictures.

Stay tuned ...

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  1. Wow.....the big day is finally here! You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Have fun with your new little man!

    Gina Satrape